This PC Can’t Run Windows 11 | Windows 11 installation error

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This PC Can’t Run Windows 11. If you get the same error in your computer or Laptop while updating your Windows 10 to Windows 11. Most of the people are getting the same error and you also get this. Well, here are the easy and simple ways to fix the “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” in your computer or laptop. This method will work on any computer or laptop. It will also work if you are installing windows 11 in virtualbox and any Virtual Machine. If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11 then You can also fix it by doing some tweaks in installation media. You don’t need to buy a new computer to install windows 11. You can just fix it by applying my steps. This is a Easy and Complete guide for How to fix this pc can’t run windows 11 error.  

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 11

But before we start the guide to fix this error, make sure your computer supports the minimum requirements for Windows 11 installation. If your pc have too old specifications, and It doesn’t match the minimum system requirements. You don’t need to worry about that We also have solution for this. These are the minimum requirements to run Windows 11 without lag.

Processor : 1ghz or Faster, RAM : 4gb or Higher, Storage : 64gb or more

How to Fix This PC Can’t run Windows 11

We are going to Fix this Error by pasting a Dll file which is appraiserres.dll. First You need to Download it and Paste it in Windows ISO Directory. Now let’s see how to Download the dll file . Click on this Download button and after some seconds, Your file will be started Downloading. You just have to wait a little bit.

Now once you have downloaded that The Next Step is Provided in that Video. You have to watch my this Youtube Video to Fix this problem. This video is a complete guide to Fix This PC Can’t Run Windows 11.

Just click on this video and watch the whole video and apply it. This is 100% working trick to Fix this error or problem while installation of windows 11. If you can’t this Video You won’t be able to Fix it. So, Consider watching this video and apply each and every step as shown on this Video.

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