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Downloading Twixtor is easier than you think, You just have to scroll down then You can get the Download link to download the Twixtor effect for Adobe Effects. but, before downloading it You need to watch this video which is totally based on the How to Download and Install Twixtor plugin for free and It is gonna also works for After Effects and Premiere Pro. This is not for Sony vegas pro, Davinci resolves, and any other software. It is just for Adobe.

If you wanna Download Twixtor then you are here in the best blog. but before that, you have to watch the installation video. If you have already watched that video then You can Download this File. Click on this blue button to download the file. Now when you click on this Button then instantly you will be downloaded on your computer. Just click on “Download Twixtor”.

hope you guys enjoyed this Tutorial. and If you wanna say thanks then Subscribe to my channel. If you have any queries, let me know in the comment section. If you are commenting here then You can contact me through the Contact page.

Once, you have downloaded the file then You need to know, How to make slow motion using Twixtor. I know most of the guys want to use Twixtor for slow motion. That’s why I have created a 2 minutes tutorial for you guys. In which I will show you how you can do ultimate slow motion in just 2 minutes. These 2 minutes are valuable.

Everyone can follow the tutorial including AMV Editors, VFX Editors, Gaming Montages Editors, and Normal video editors. but This video will be a game-changer for Anime Editors. Anime Slow motion will be very easy for us. You will know how these slow-motion videos are made. You need to go through each and every step that I have shown in this video.

I think you have learned, How to make an ultimate smooth slow motion in After Effects. Feel free to contact me with any issues and questions.

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