What is Twixtor?

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What is Twixtor? – Twixtor is a plugin that is used to create slow-motion clips from a regular video. You can also speed up and slow down the video using this plugin. This feature is known as Time Wrapping. This plugin comes in two versions Twixtor and Twixtor Pro. Twixtor is a very heavy plugin that comes with lots of features. It is used to edit Videos in Famous Video Editing software like Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

When Twixtor is used for?

For improving quality Twixtor tracks each layer separately and Its results are amazing. Motion Vectors can be imported from any software. You can export motion vectors anywhere and you can import them into the Twixtor Pro. Most of the Creators and also filmmakers are using the Twixtor plugin to slow-motion their clips. Twixtor is an amazing effect for slow motion. Many Gamers are editing their Gameplays using Twixtor. But Low-end pc gamers can’t run this plugin on their computer. But it uses more resources than other plugins. If you have 4Gb ram you can’t able to run it smoothly your playback will lag much more

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Twixtor System Requirements

You can run Twixtor on a Low-end pc by installing a lower version of Adobe After Effects. If you have Low-end Pc like this you can follow this version of Adobe After Effects :

  • 2GB ram (Adobe After Effects CS5) – Recommended
  • 4GB ram (Adobe After Effects 2016) – Recommended
  • 8GB ram ( Adobe After Effects 2018) – Recommended
  • 16GB ram or higher ( Adobe After Effects 2021) – Recommended

How does Twixtor Works?

First of all when you add the twixtor effect in your video. then twixtor will duplicate the frames according to your slow motion. It will automatically duplicate it and will merge all the frames. and your video looks much smother then you will not face any frame drop and lag in your video. Here as you can see Before applying the twixtor and after applying the twixtor effect.

Features of Revision Effects Twixtor

  • Speed down/Speed up your videos
  • Easy to use
  • Object separation
  • Add Motion Blur
  • Point Tracking Guidance

Revision Effects Twixtor Pro Setup Details

  • Plugin Full Name: REVision Twixtor Pro
  • Setup File Name: Twixtor PLUGINS.zip
  • Full Setup Size: 24.13 MB
  • Setup Type : Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatibility Architecture : 32bit (x86) / 64bit (x64)
  • Developers: REVision

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