How to use IPAD as Drawing Tablet for Mac and Pc

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Use ipas as drawing tablet for mac and pc. Turn your Ipad into a Graphic Tablet or Drawing Tablet for PC and Mac. This is a Full Detailed guide on How to use your ipad as a Drawing Tablet for pc. This method will work properly, If you have Mac or Pc. If you follow this guide from starting to end then, You will be able to use your ipad as Drawing Tablet for free. In this Tutorial I will teach you How you can use Ipad for Drawing in your pc. This tutorial will help you a lot, If you follow this carefully. Get ready to know – use ipad as drawing tablet for mac

I know that, lots of people don’t have Drawing Tablet. but Don’t worry about this. There are lots of apps available in the internet to convert your ipad into a Drawing Tablet like Splashtop WiredXDisplay, Duet Display etc. In Splashtop free version, You will face a lot of lag. You can’t use this app for Drawing and In Duet Display this app is paid. You have to pay for it. But finally after a long research I found this app.

Easy Canvas

Easy Canvas is the best application, If you wanna use your ipad as Graphic Tablet. This app is available for Windows and also for Mac. You can download it on Ipad from App store. It provides a lot of mind blowing features that you can’t expect from any application. If you are artist then this app will be a great option for you. I will highly recommend you to use this app.

Full guide on this software is given in this video. Go and watch the full video till the end to Get the better results.

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