Top 3 Free Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro | Effects, Transitions, Motion Graphic Templates

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If you are a Video editor and a Content Creator then You really need these plugins to enhance your productivity and Editing process. There are several ways to edit faster but I wanna show you something which is really helpful to you If you edit your videos using adobe premiere pro. Today, I will show you the Top 3 Plugins which are totally free, but there is also a paid version available. But I will don’t recommend you to buy the paid version of plugins and because they provide a lot of things in the free version. But If you really like the plugin, then You can purchase the paid version. Of course, you will get something special in the paid version.

But there is also a Giveaway of Aejuice Plugin, But If you want to participate in the Giveaway then the Details of Participation are given at the end of this blog post.

Now, let’s see the best plugins or extensions for Adobe Premiere Pro. There are three plugins that I recommend to you:- Mister Horse, Motion Bro, Aejuice. These are the plugins that will help you to edit your videos faster. You don’t need to go anywhere to Download preset or templates. Most of the templates are available there in this plugin. You just have to Drag and Drop the template which you want to use.

1. Mister Horse – Premiere Composer

The First Plugin which comes on our list is Mister Horse – Premiere composer. This is an amazing plugin and I have been using this plugin for 1 year. The Creator of this plugin is Mister Horse. I recommend you to install this plugin, If you install this plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro then You will get lots of Transitions, Text Presets, Graphic Templates, and Sound Effects. Mister Horse is a very useful plugin for content creators like me and you.

Mister Horse is also available for After Effects, If you use Adobe After Effects then you can install this plugin. But today, We’re gonna talk about Mister Horse Premiere Composer. For More details, you can watch this video. Now let’s come to the Next plugin.

How to Download Mister Horse

2. Motion Bro

Motion Bro, It’s easy and simple to use. There are a lot of templates are available in this plugin. This is the best Timesaver for Motion Graphic Designers and Video Editor. It provides 1000+ Transitions, SFX, and Elements(Motion Graphic Templates). I am 100% sure this plugin will help you a lot. It will make your video creative and more interesting. It will also enhance your productivity in Premiere Pro. Most of the YouTubers, Content Creator, and Filmmakers are using this plugin to save their most precious time.

Once, you install this plugin then You will get Background and Scenes to use in your intro, outro, and loop videos. and You get Motion Graphics templates:-Typography, Transition, Devices Template, Interface Icon, Backgrounds, Shape, Social Media, and Weather icon. and premade videos like Wave, Metrics, etc. and Graphical videos, Call Outs, Motion Shake Effects, Amazing Transitions, and Viewing Angle Template.

I am 100% sure this plugin is better than Mister Horse but both plugins are useful for us. So, I will recommend you install both plugins in your premiere pro. Let’s come to the Next plugin.

How to Download Motion Bro

3. Aejuice

Aejuice is also an amazing plugin and This plugin has everything to make your video interesting. It’s easy and simple to use. There are a lot of Sound Effects and Templates that are totally great. but If you bought the paid version of the Aejuice Plugin then You will get lots of Premium Template like Liquid Transitions, Elements, Slides, Simple Transitions, UI Elements etc.

This plugin is free but you don’t get more in the free version. But Don’t worry about that. There is a Giveaway of this Plugin any three-person will get this 8000$ dollar only for free. If you want to participate just click on this button and Fill up all the details and If you win this plugin then I will email you the id and password.

How to Download Aejuice Pack Manager

Participate in Aejuice Plugin Giveaway

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