How to Fix Black Screen in OBS Studio (Display Capture and Game Capture Fixed)

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Fix Black Screen under 5 minutes in Windows 10. This is a Detailed Guide Tutorial on How to Fix Black Screen in OBS Studio. I am going to tell you Step by Step with screenshot. Today I will show you easy and simple steps to Fix this problem in OBS Studio. You just have to follow everything that I am showing you in this Blog. This Process will work only on Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you don’t have Windows 10 or Windows 11 then you can leave right now. If you have Windows 10 or 11. So, Stay tune till the end. This whole Tutorial will only work for Windows 10 and Windows 11 user. You don’t have to miss any step as shown on this Blog post.

Why we get this Error in our PC or Laptop

Most of the time This happens If we have a Laptop with Dual Graphics. and If our Graphics Drivers and Windows Drivers are not Updated. But you can fix it without updating your drivers. In this blog I will show you some settings of Windows. That will help you to fix it.

How to Fix Black Screen in OBS Studio

To fix this you need to Open your Display Settings in your Windows. First Go to your Desktop and Right click on your Desktop and Select “Display Settings” and Open it

After Opening Display Settings in your computer. Then you need to scroll down and You have to click on “Graphics Settings”.

After that click on Browse and Locate your OBS Studio. You have to select the installation Directory of OBS Studio in your Windows. 

C:Program Filesobs-studiobin64bit                                                                                                                                 This is the Directory of OBS Studio Application. Open that Location and select obs64.exe or obs32.exe and click on Add. After clicking on Add obs studio show up here.

Now as you can see that after that adding obs studio. It is showing here. then You have to Click on “Options” .

Now here you need to select Power saving. Once you have selected it you need to Click on the Save Button to Save the settings. If you don’t choose Power Saving You Problem will not solved. To Fix it Make sure you have selected the Power Saving Option and also Don’t forget to click on Save.

After Your Problem will be solved. For more details You can just watch this Video to fix your problem. This is a Full Detailed Video on How to Fix Display Capture Black Screen in OBS STUDIO. Just Simply click on the video and watch it. This will really help you to fix your problem.

Now all done. I am 100% sure Definitely your problem will be solved after following all the steps as shown in this blog. If you will not follow all the steps carefully Your problem will not fix . Make sure to watch all the screenshots carefully.

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