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How to create Proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro. Create proxies in Premiere Pro and Fix lag while editing the video. Today I will show you how you can edit your videos very smoothly without lag in premiere pro. After creating the proxies and enabling them. Your Adobe Premiere Pro will be faster. and you will be able to edit higher resolution videos inside the premiere pro.

This whole blog is based on – How to create Proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you want to be a Video Editor, Freelancer and even if you want to edit your Youtube videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, You don’t need to buy a pc with higher specifications. You have to start whatever you have. If you don’t have a high-end pc or laptop and You want to start, but when trying to edit your videos. It started lagging.

It also does not respond when you apply an effect to your video. But by just enabling the But If you have You can also edit high-resolution videos in your potato pc. It Downscales the resolution of video for playback.

If you are editing a 4k video and You create the proxies then the video playback will convert to a lower resolution like 1080p, 720p, or 480p. also, there is a bonus tip for you to Increase the performance of your Potato pc. It depends on you which type of proxies you have created. It doesn’t affect the video. Proxies are only used for Video Playback or Preview for a smoother experience.

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What are Proxies in Premiere pro

Proxies are duplicates of video files in Lower resolution. Proxies are mostly used in Low-end computers to smoothen the playback or preview for whatever you have edited. It compresses the Video into smaller sizes.

how to create proxies in adobe premiere pro

It helps a lot if you have a low-end specifications computer. You can edit up to 4k resolutions videos using this trick. You just have to create it and enable it then It can take some time to process the video. It depends on your system specifications, How much time will it take ?. It is an easy and simple way to create proxies inside the premiere pro. After creating the proxies files they will be stored in the project folder.

How to create proxies in Premiere Pro

This is a complete guide to create proxies in premiere pro. You just have to go through every step to create it. Because this is a Complete Guide to create proxies. But Before we start the Tutorial Make sure that you have Adobe Media Encoder installed on your computer.

If you don’t have Adobe Media Encoder you can’t continue right now. First, you need to install it and after you install you will be able to create that proxy but If you can’t install it, It will show some error.

Now, to Create Proxies First you need to open Adobe Premiere Pro. After opening Premiere Pro on your pc. Create a New Project and you can also open any Old Project. Once you have opened that Go to Project windows and Import a Video, in which you want to create proxies. All the proxies files will be stored there.

If you don’t know How to import video in Premiere pro. It is easy as simple. You can do it by a Shortcut and by clicking. You just have to Double Click on this area as shown in the Project window then select the File and hit Open. and If you want to go faster, You can press Ctrl + I on your Keyboard. 

Now after importing the files in your project. You need to right-click on the Video file and there you will get a lot of options then Choose Proxies>Create Proxies. and also you can see on this Image. then after some seconds, a window will open up. But If you don’t have Adobe Media Encoder on your pc. It will show some errors. Media Encoder is necessary for this.

You can’t create proxies without Media Encoder and also the Same Version is Required. If you’re using Adobe premiere pro 2021 then you have to install Adobe media encoder 2021. Both Softwares have to be the same. You will get some errors like You need to install a Media encoder. Make sure that you installed the right version.

When you hit Create Proxies. It will take a bit of time and This window will open up here. Here you can see a lot of options. Today, We will Discuss every option.

Now You can see there are many options available. You need to change the settings for a better experience. First of all, here you will see the First Option, which is Format. You have to change it to QuickTime because QuickTime is perfect for Low-end pc. You can also go with H.264 but I will recommend you to choose QuickTime because It is the best encoder for Low-end pc users. 

Now Let’s come to the Preset Option. This is very important for smooth editing in Adobe Premiere pro. You have to set it to ProRes Low-Resolution Proxy. I will recommend you to choose this option because this is Better for everyone who has a low-end pc.

You can also go with Low, Medium, High-Resolution Proxy. These are the different resolutions of proxies. But, first I will recommend you choose Low.

Once you have learned How to create it and apply it. Next time you can go with any preset that you want, also you can create your preset if you want. But Premade presets are also amazing. Now as you can see that on the Image there are a lot of premade preset like H.264, QuickTime, ProRes, CineForm, etc.

After selecting ProRes Low Resolution Proxy. Now let’s come to next part which is Destination where all the proxies file will be stored. You can select Next to Original Media in Proxy Folder. or You can select a specific folder where you want to save it.

You can select an option which one you want. Now I am going with the second option because this is better than the first option. If you choose 2nd option, All the duplicated files will not be messed up with others. The best option is to select a particular folder with all the proxies files

If you want to go with the second option then You need to configure the Folder where you have to store the files. Make sure you will not delete these files until you finished the Project. Let’s see How to configure the Folder.

Click on Browse Button and Select the Drive and Create a New Folder where all the proxies files will store. I recommend you to name the folder “Proxies”. Once you have selected that, click Select Folder.

Now, the Last step is Select Ok. After clicking Ok, then Adobe Media Encoder will open up after some time. If you don’t have Adobe Media Encoder, It will show some errors like you don’t have a media encoder. It will tell you to install it.

But if you have already installed Adobe Media Encoder, It will doesn’t show any error, and Media Encoder will start in a while. It can take a bit of time according to your system specifications. but You don’t have to worry about it. 

You don’t have to do anything when it opens. Everything will happen automatically. After clicking on Ok Adobe Media Encoder is opening. when it will open then It will encode the Video into Lower Resolutions.

Creating a proxies process can take a lot of time If you have a low-end specifications computer. I will recommend you don’t do multitasking while creating proxies in premiere pro. It is easy to create but It takes lots of time.

Now as you can see that my video is converting into lower resolutions. You can create multiple proxies at the same time But you have to select it. You have to wait for it to complete the process.

After completing the process it will look like these. As you can see the Status is Done. Now, We have to enable the Proxies in Premiere. Let’s see How to enable proxies after creating it.

How to enable proxies in Premiere Pro

First, we have to Close Adobe Media Encoder then Go back to the Premiere Pro window and Import your Video to Timeline and We have to add a Toggle Proxies button in Premiere pro to enable and disable it.

To add this Button You have to click on this + icon which is shown on this image.

After clicking on the button editor this window will open up. You just have to Drag and Drag Drop the “Toggle Proxies” icon from there and after that, you will be able to use it.

As you can see here You have to Drag and Drop this Icon like this and Click on Ok. Now, You can use it.

Click on that icon to enable it when the logo turned blue. Now, your proxies are enabled after that You will not face any lag and issues. Your playback will be smooth as possible. Also, you can change preset and check which is best for your pc and try it.

 So, This is how you can create proxies in premiere pro in under 5 minutes. Once you enabled the proxies You will be able to edit videos without lag. But after creating the proxies and enabling them. If your pc still lags then You can follow the Guide from my blog which is How to edit videos in low end pc. You can follow this guide on any Video Editing Software.

But If you want to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro then this Blog will help you a lot. But I will also recommend you to read that Blog. But before leaving If you have any queries and questions Comment Down below and If you have an ultra low-end pc then You can contact me at If you want more performance after applying all the steps then CONTACT ME.

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