Best Preset Packs for Premiere Pro, Transitions, Sound Effects and Motion Graphics Template

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Do you want to save your time in Premiere Pro while editing ? So This is the Best Timesaver for Motion Designers. It provides 1000+ Transitions, SFX and Elements(Motion Graphic Templates). If you also want to save your most of the time in Premiere Pro, So you are here in the place. 

In this Blog, I am taking about Motion Bro. It’s easy and simple to use this plugin in premiere pro. But you have to follow all the steps as shown in this page. I am 100% sure this plugin will help you a lot. It will definitely increase your productivity in Premiere Pro. Most of the Content Creators, Youtubers and Filmmakers are using this plugin to save their precious time.

Are you Ready to be more Productive ? It will speed up your Editing Process for FREE. Stay with me to get  Best Presets for Adobe Premiere Pro. In this Blog I will show you everything “How to Download it” and “How to Install it”. So Don’t Worry about it.

What we will get After installing this Extension (Preset Pack)

Once you install this plugin. There you will find these 8 sections. (All of them are Really helpful for Creators)

1. Design Layouts

In this section, You will get a lot of Backgrounds and Scenes. You can use it to make intro, outro and Loop Video. But I will recommend you to install this plugin and Observe all the effects. It will definitely help you.

2. Graphics

Now When you click on Graphics Sections, There you will find many Motion Graphics Templates :- Typography, Transitions, Devices, Interface Icon, Backgrounds, Shape, Social Media, Weather Icon.

3. HUD Elements

Now Inside the HUD Elements, There you will find Premade Videos :- Complex, Elements, Metrics, Wave. This is a huge collection of Videos to make your videos more interesting.


This section is also similar to HUD Elements. Here you also getĀ  Premade Graphical videos. You can’t understand it without using preset pack or plugin in your computer.

5. Call-Outs

In this Section, You will get many Call-Outs. which you can use it on your Video to point someone what is he taking about. Call-outs are very useful for you, If you are content creator.

6. Motion Shake

In this Section, You will get a lot of Motion Shake Effects. You just have to import and then You will be able to use it. Motion Shake is also unique on this Preset Pack.

7. Transitions

There are a lot of Transitions available in this plugin like Glitch transitions, Motion Blur Transitions, Zoom Transitions, Smooth Zoom Transitions, Pixelation Transitions, Blur Transitions, VR Warp Transitions etc. All of them comes with sound effects. When you import these Transitions, It automatically adds the sound effects of Transitons . I think the that’s the best part of this plugin. You might also like this, When you use this plugin.

8. View

Inside the View, You will get many viewing templates. Which looks amazing, If you can use this in your videos for many scenes. If you try to create these types of viewing angles then It will take much more. So, this is the best timesaver plugin for you. If you use this in your daily life , Your works get done on time.

How to Download Motion Bro

You will need this these 3 FILES to install it


Motion Bro ZXP Extension

Motion Bro Presets Pack

Now lets see how to install it after Downloading

First you need to install Aescripts ZXP Installer, Simply go to that folder where you have Downloaded

Now Double Click on the setup, Then Check the Box “I agree to the license terms and conditions”. After that click on “Install”

After Clicking on “Install” It will take some time to install in your computer. It depends on your system How much time will it take.

After Completing the Installation, It will look like this. You just have to click on “Close” Button.

Then This Windows will open up here, Now installation part of ZXP Installer is completed.

After that Click on File then select OPEN

Then You need to locate the “Motion Bro 3.2.1.zxp” File. Select the File and Click on “Open”

Then this dialogue box will pop up here. You just have to click on this Green Button “Install”

Now you have to for it, It will take some minutes to install in your computer. So Don’t Worry about it.

After Completing the Installation, It will look like this. Now You have to click on the Green Button “Close”

Now the Next Step is to Open Premiere Pro and Open a New Project

Then You need to Navigate to Windows/Extensions/Motion Bro v3.2.1

Then You need to Locate the Preset Pack FolderĀ 

Click on this Settings ICON and Click on “Change Path”

Then Select the Folder “Motion Bro Presets for Premiere Pro” and Click on Select Folder