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Pubg Mobile Gun Sound Download. Today I will show you how to download Bgmi or Pubg Gun Sound of All the weapons. You can easily download it and use it. You can use it for Content Creation and also for Mobile Ringtone. There are lots of guns in BGMI, All of the gun sounds are provided in this blog. You just have to hit that Download button there and then You will be able to use it but before that You have to confirm which gun sound you want.

There are lots of guns available in pubg, so that’s why I am providing you

These are the list of every gun sound which is available in BGMI.

  1. AKM
  2. AKM Single Shot
  3. AWM
  4. DP28 Single Shot
  5. Grenade
  6. Groza
  7. Kar98
  8. Kar98 + Suppressor
  9. M16A4
  10. M24
  11. M24 + Suppressor
  12. M249 Single Shot
  13. M416
  14. M416 Single Shot
  15. M762
  16. M762 Single Shot
  17. Mini14
  18. Mini14 Single Shot
  19. PAN
  20. MK47
  21. MK47 Single Shot
  22. P1911
  23. P1911 Single Shot
  24. S686
  25. S686 Single Shot
  26. SKS
  27. SKS Single Shot
  28. AUG Gunfire
  29. Scarl Tap
  30. Scarl
  31. UZI

BGMI All Gun Sound Download

Download Button is given there below the Text, You just have to Click on Download then your file will be downloaded in your device.

That is how we can download Full Gun sound of Bgmi/pubg in 2022. Consider sharing this, with your friends.

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